The Music of Nashville® Executive Producer Bob Walker
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Bob Walker

(Executive Producer)

Robert (Bob) Walker made his first trip to Nashville in 2010 and got a taste of what Music City was all about. He developed a taste for Americana and Country Music when he explored the busy, hustle and bustling, honky-tonk streets of Broadway. He grew up listening to the classics of Rock and Roll and Blues but expanded his horizons while visiting Nashville. 

Bob, A Chicago boy, started playing drums when he was only 10 years old and took musical cues from bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Pink Floyd. He was in a band of his own during the 80s and did a lot of promotional campaigns for the band, as well as comedic acts. Around that same time, he had also experienced working for many different companies, many jobs of variety, but one that seemed to stick was the world of Lawncare. He started mowing lawns, making extra cash and earning a good living doing so. 

He started his company, Dependable Lawncare, at the age of 19 and grew the business, collecting clients such as property management companies, restaurant chains, and the Federal Government. His major clients consist of FEMA, the US Army, US Air Force and US Department of Veteran Affairs. When he started working for the Army, he found himself working in Clarksville, TN – right outside Nashville. Bob has owned, run and operated Dependable Lawn Care for 35 years, never slowing down. Making frequent visits down to Nashville pulled him more and more into Country Music. One night he visited BB King’s Blues Bar in Nashville’s famous Printer’s Alley and met artist, singer-songwriter, Beth Garner and managed her from 2010-2017. 

Being inspired by the surroundings of the music industry, an idea came to him in 2015 on New Year’s Eve, as he was waiting for his girlfriend at the time to get dressed before hitting the town. Still working with Beth, they were recording an album, which was being produced by Mark Oliverius. Bob and Mark became fast friends and shared their ideas with each other about the show they both had in mind. They both found each other at the right time – it was truly a magical experience. 

Bob wants to expose country music to people, like himself, who know very little about the origins, artist, time frame etc. He had the desire to learn about the fascinating genre and know there are so many others that feel the same. After tireless days and nights of brainstorming an idea of a show, The Music of Nashville® A Magical Journey was born. Bob, Mark and Candace came together and held auditions for the show November of 2016. 

 “Auditions were good. We all three agreed to look for people with good character as well as talent. Very smart decision, and I think we did good!!! I was very happy holding auditions. I thought it was fun!”

 The goals for the next year are to continue pointing the show in its original concept; which is to have a way to showcase to the public, as well as industry professionals, the incredible show with an amazing cast consisting of 5 talented and poised singers/entertainers who are backed by a killer band, taking the audience through 60 years of Nashville’s biggest hit songs with the stories behind them. 

 The other goal is to get the existing show to be profitable, as well as look for other opportunities to help catapult us all to the next level. The ultimate goal is to always have the show in Nashville, while also adding additional venues in the mix, maybe talks of Vegas. But, if not, at least have a permanent show in Nashville that is profitable and fun for many years to come. 

 “I believe with 100% of my heart that we as a team are already well on our way to making these great goals a reality. The Vegas idea is very possible but will require people with bigger pockets and influence to help push this show.”