Candace Lucchesi

(Associate Producer / Creative Coordinator)

The arts… especially fashion, make-up, dance and design have always been a passion of hers.

Serving as a creative professional on photo/video shoots, live shows, weddings, makeup and fashion runways, Candace always displays her unique flair for enhancing story lines and the personalities of each client and tailoring to their individuality.

She takes enormous delight in hosting and coordinating events, including staging the ambiance, while also sharing her hospitality as she lights up any room.

Ultimately, she believes imagery is key and that portraying the client in the best light provides them with an undeniable presence.

Candace was a huge part of the audition process for The Music of Nashville® show. She believes that character should be the upmost important trait before all others in finding the glue that would hold the cast and group together. She was instrumental in strategically hand picking each and every one of the 5 cast members that perform as the original Music of Nashville® cast.

Being on the creative side, she also incorporated the story line that is woven through the individual songs that make up the 60 years of music. The talking points from Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Elvis…etc were presented to the cast as a way to personalize the show, making the audience feel as if they stepped back in time a moment with each song.

Candace Lucchesi
Candace Lucchesi
The Music of Nashville® Producers